Flowciety next Generation: Glu:on

From the PDF triangle to your business processes

It’s official. Finally we are able to offer you flowciety next Generation: Glu:on. In the past few months we worked hard to upgrade our software and talked to a lot of people from different industries to do so. Events like the Procurement Summit in Hamburg and the hub.Berlin in Berlin have allowed us a peek into the future. In many conversations a certain consensus was found and often the same challenges were mentioned:

  • the traceability of data, raw materials and products
  • poor data quality and data loss in cross-company communication
  • long process times and
  • tool chaos, which was created by the fast acting of the last years, are found in many German companies.

Since interface standards such as EDIFACT and VDE have not been established in the German SME sector, data exchange in many places has continued with the use of PDF exports, with data having to be maintained twice and checked manually. Flowciety software recently resolved this so-called PDF triangle in purchasing. 

The PDF-Triangle

Frustrating activities: Manual checking of documents and data

The employee translates for different IT systems

Error-prone: No traceability

No automation!

Every order is slowed down by this “PDF Triangle”.
Glu:on PDF Dreieck

Flowciety next Generation Glu:on

Now we have developed Glu:on – the next generation Flowciety software.

In particle physics, the gluons are the elementary particles responsible for the attraction of protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus. Just as gluons are responsible for attraction, Glu:on is responsible for a strong connection with your partners.

Glu:on Lösung

Among other things, Glu:on solves the PDF triangle and enables automated processing of shared data. Glu:on provides contextualized data and interoperability between systems, and manages to create transparency and trust for all stakeholders.

Use cases

The biggest difference to Flowciety software is the use case. Glu:on is not another software in your tool pool, but your individually expandable network connecting your tools. On the Glu:on platform, you can not only map one workflow, as described for the PDF triangle in purchasing, but can also map all business processes that repeatedly transmit standardized data according to the same pattern. These processes could cover e.g. procurement with purchase orders and invoices, maintenance histories of equipment, insurance claims settlement, schedule and status reconciliations, or any other business process that gives you a headache. Best of all, you are not tied down. You can extend Glu:on to include new business processes, and it is just as easy to connect new software and new partners.

Your advantages

Increased efficiency

Up to 80% savings through automatic data checking and transfer

Traceable documentation

Tamper-proof documentation on a
tried and tested blockchain

Easy integration

Plug & Play connection to existing interfaces and standards

Improved data protection

End-to-end encryption and
extensive access management

  • Both sides benefit from Glu:on: Less manual work, faster throughput times, better data quality, auditable data exchange.

  • PDF triangles stress many processes: Procurement, equipment maintenance tracking, insurance claims billing, and more!

  • Scalable across enterprises: Work with thousands of participants to seamlessly connect with every partner.

  • Highest privacy standards: In a global network, not only is the content of a business process private, but even its existence is private.

  • Watertight process log: Strong focus on traceability to prevent retroactive tampering.

  • Multicontext Usage: Cross-enterprise processes include internal actions that have very different requirements in each context.

If this topic sounds interesting to you, please feel free to contact the Flowciety team. We will be happy to advise you on new technologies, your possibilities with Glu:on and answer your questions. You can always contact us via the button in the upper right corner or via info@flowciety.de.

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In particle physics, gluons are elementary particles responsible for attracting protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus.

Like particles at the subatomic level, Glu:on helps companies build a strong bond with their partners.