Flowciety celebrates its birthday

2 years Flowciety - What happened?

On Friday, 11/19/21, Flowciety had its birthday and turned 2 years old. What did we do? Of course, we celebrated the successes of the last two years climbing together at BergWerk Berlin, before we went back to the home office.

The Team

Our team has grown, meanwhile 6 smart heads are working at Flowciety. The frontend has been redesigned and can be used much more intuitively due to the given clarity. Furthermore, the performance was optimized and new systems (like AlgoDocs) were integrated. Our customers can now receive mails through the IMAP connection. Additionally, there will be a new ERP system connected – but more about that when the time comes!

The Software

Another important development of Flowciety is the new focus on purchasing, for which we have developed a standard process for order exchange with automated document matching. We offer several options on how to connect customer and supplier. Use the ERP connectors on both sides. The front-end masks for processing in Flowciety or the one-sided automation with processing of PDFs from mails.

For those who have made it this far: Without the support of our investors, the IBB and all other sponsors, we would never have come this far and would not now be able to celebrate our second birthday. A big thank you from our side, and here’s to the next birthdays!

Your Flowciety Team.

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