About us

flowciety was founded in 2019 with the vision of establishing IT in everyday business as solution, not a source of problems. With this goal in mind the team developed the software Glu:on for automating business processes. Along the way countless insights and experiences were gained and like-minded partners were met. It emerged that no software alone could resolve the challenges, but processes, methodes and know-how was necessary.

Thus, the founders decided to make their knowledge and skills directly available to customers and offer consulting for IT management. Since the we work with our customers in a variety of projects in order to improve operation, cost and understanding of IT and make IT a reliable partner for every department.

Sophia Schade

Sophia is Managing Director and the initial point of contact for our customers and partners. As an experienced management consultant with a focus on supply chains, IT management and blockchain frameworks, she is aware of the current challenges. Her area of expertise includes the analysis of existing customer IT, requirements analysis, as well as the tendering and negotiating of services. Sophia combines business and technical aspects into a holistically successful strategy.

Sophia Schade

Tim Kiese

Tim is responsible for product management at Flowciety and is a member of the advisory board. He brings deep knowledge in project and contract management, as well as in the development of various systems. He has previously been a product owner, project manager and technical lead for strategic software projects in the gas industry, banking and education. Tim is highly experienced in understanding technical and business requirements and coordinating their implementation.

Dr. Thomas Kintscher

Thomas leads software development at Flowciety and has developed a system for analyzing large amounts of data in real-time with low resource requirements as part of his PhD in astroparticle physics. He has been an independent developer for many years and has supported product development in various start-ups. Thomas brings years of experience regarding software architecture, development processes, as well as various programming languages such as Python, Rust, C, and JavaScript.

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Our corporate values


Reliability characterizes every action of our company. For this reason, we keep our word - to our customers as well as to our employees.


We develop our products according to our corporate values. Because of this, we only offer what we ourselves are convinced of - and our standards are high.


All our products are developed in our company. This allows us to ensure the highest quality and provide the best possible support.


Our products are designed to adapt effortlessly to our customers' needs and to be ready for use quickly.


Data security is our top priority and is therefore considered from the very beginning. Our software protects customer data from unauthorized access.


An appreciative and respectful working atmosphere is the basis on which we grow together. That's why we support each other and treat each other as equals at all times. This applies both internally and externally.


In particle physics, gluons are elementary particles responsible for attracting protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus.

Like particles at the subatomic level, Glu:on helps companies build a strong bond with their partners.