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Requirements and Procurement

The first obstacle on the way towards improvement is obtaining a clear vision. Together with you we map our requirements and help with prioritization. We provide you with feedback on feasibility, best practices and potential solutions (market research, development).

Whether you are procuring new software or hiring a new contractor, we work out contract and tender documents. Afterwards we accompany you with the organisation and execution of the tender.

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IT Service Management

Better IT is not equal to different IT: It is worthwhile to keep an eye on processes and contracts. The IT Service Management (“ITSM”) includes dealing with disruptions, updates, communication with users and much more.

We support you in identifying room for improvement and improving processes and contracts. This allows you to optimize your IT and prepare for future endeavours.

Change Management

IT is constantly evolving and companies work on putting the constant improvements to use. In the past users had to bear the burden, do to an always changing work environment without adequate preparation or training. Eventually a resistance to changes is built up, even towards useful changes.

In order to avoid a “shadow IT”, projects need to be aligned along and with the users and should include them in the long term. This way of working and communicating – referred to as “change management” – increases the chance of success for IT projects and allows sustainable transformation of your company. Change managements is one of our core competencies and we would love to support your project’s team and represent it internally.


Preparing and guiding software development

Developing software is more than just writing code. It requires good concepts, an understanding of technology as well as business requirements, and perpetual mediation and controls.

flowciety supports you along the entire software lifecycle. We develop technical concepts for you, or validate those concepts delivered by other vendors. We also aid in guiding development teams, whether in classic projects (V-model, PRINCE2) or in agile ones (SCRUM, Kanban).

If needed we extend your development teams with colleagues, e.g. for requirements management or test design.

From own experience

Our approach and methods did benefit our customers – but we also apply them successfully to ourselves, e.g. in internal software projects.


Our consultants have access to a network of diverse knowledge and experience, from code to management. Thus, our solutions fit in all aspects.

Tailored to you

We are not selling off-the-shelf solutions. We always analyze your particular requirements and needs. Together with you we pick a suitable approach and tools.

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