Safely automate business workflows with your partners. Using Flowciety.



Flowciety automates cross-company workflows and connects you and your business partners.



The distributed blockchain-based platform is tamper-proof and enables the necessary trust among its participants.


Business focused

Rapid and secure exchange of information with your partners cuts costs and minimizes risk.

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Our goal with Flowciety is securely automating the transmission of data between our customers and our suppliers, which contributes significantly to the success of a customer project.

Rocco Weyers

Inquiries, offers, adjustments, orders and confirmations go in and out by email and disappear in archives and unclear folder structures. With Flowciety, such processes can be easily structured, and processed a lot faster and efficient. That saves time, everything remains absolutely traceable and, most importantly, can be found again at any time!

Dr. C. Kapteyn
DBI - Digital Business Innovation

Companies are confronted with numerous documentation requirements for internal and external processes. Existing IT solutions are so expensive and time-consuming to use that SMEs have practically no other option than to keep track of every business transaction on paper. Flowciety not only efficiently automates internal and external process management, but at the same time also removes the pile of paper - and automates annoying checking and typing work. Hence, Flowciety solves not just one problem, but two.

Hardy R. Schmitz
Board member

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