Identifiers and the decentralized alternative

ID cards, mail addresses, website URLs and barcodes have one thing in common – they are identifiers. What are identifiers in specific? Individuals and organizations around the world use identifiers in various areas. The barcodes and serial numbers on products, trade register and tax numbers of companies, or ID cards, driver’s licenses and insurance cards … Read more

Environmental sin Blockchain?

We’ll start with a little digression on the function of blockchains. As the name suggests, a blockchain consists of several blocks that contain different information.

Blockchain – How does it work?

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How does Blockchain work? COVID19 has changed the world of work a lot in recent years. Various industries have to address different challenges as a result of these changes. These changes are creating pressure for companies to transform processes and workflows and to organize them differently. Generally, challenges favor the adoption of new technologies.  The … Read more


In particle physics, gluons are elementary particles responsible for attracting protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus.

Like particles at the subatomic level, Glu:on helps companies build a strong bond with their partners.