Our Team

The team behind flowciety already collaborated successfully for several years, and channels everyone's individual strengths into the company.

Sophia Schade

Chief Executive Officer

Sophia is the managing director of flowciety. As a well-versed management consultant with focus on sourcing, supply chains and IT management she knows which challenges are faced by medium-sized businesses. Sophia combines economical and technical facets into a holistic, successful approach.

Thomas Kintscher

Chief Technical Officer

Thomas Kintscher leads the software development at flowciety. Aside from studying physics, Thomas has already worked as a freelance software engineer for various startups. During the course of his PhD thesis in astroparticle physics he has worked on applying realtime analyses to big data in environments of limited computing resources.

Tim Kiese

Chief Design Officer

Tim is responsible for flowciety's product design. As former Product Owner, Project Manager and Technical Lead in Projects in Energy Industry, Financing and Education, he as vast experience in managing technical and business requirements and coordinating their implementation.


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