The team behind flowciety already collaborated successfully for several years, and channels everyone's individual strengths into the company.

The Team

Managing Director

Sophia Schade

Sophia is the managing director of flowciety. As a well-versed management consultant with focus on sourcing, supply chains and IT management she knows which challenges are faced by medium-sized businesses. Sophia combines economical and technical facets into a holistic, successful approach.

Lead Developer

Thomas Kintscher

Thomas leads the software development at flowciety. Aside from studying physics, Thomas has already worked as a freelance software engineer for various startups. While working on his PhD in astroparticle physics he has worked on applying realtime analyses to big data in environments of limited computing resources.

Product Designer

Tim Kiese

Tim is responsible for Flowciety's product design. As former Product Owner, Project Manager and Technical Lead in Projects in Energy Industry, Financing and Education, he as vast experience in managing technical and business requirements and coordinating their implementation.

Backend Developer

Augusto Dias

Augusto is the software engineer who drives the development of the Flowciety backend. His career of more than 10 years in different industries gave him knowledge of different kinds of challenges each business goes through, from real-time on-premise development to high availability and throughput in cloud applications. He's passionate about learning and constantly evaluates new and prominent technologies to bring innovation to the product.

Full Stack / Frontend Developer

David Germain

David is the essential force in flowcietys' frontend development team. In more than 4 years in software development, he strove to build and expand user-friendly, functional web applications. He is determined to balance technical aspects and product requirements, aiming to quickly deliver new and improved features to our customers while maintaining our high quality standards.
Our Core Values


Data security is our number one priority and is considered in everything we do. Our software protects customer data from unauthorized access.


We develop all of our products in-house. This enables us to deliver utmost quality and provide first-hand support.


Every action we take is governed by credibility. We stand by our words — towards our customers as well as towards our employees.


We design our products to be easliy adaptable to the needs of our customers and to be quick to deploy.


Our products are testament to our corporate values. We only offer what meets our expectations — and they are high.


An appreciative and respectful working environment is the foundation on which we grow together. We support and see eye to eye with each other. This applies both internally and externally.

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