• What is Flowciety?

    Flowciety is a distributed workflow engine, which automates and coordinates cross-company business processes. This includes for example schematics, price lists, orders or other sensitive customer data.

  • How does Flowciety work?

    Flowciety harnesses the strengths of several technologies: A private blockchain coordinates and tracks workflows.
    The peer-to-peer storage network allows participants to decide where their data is stored. Separating the workflow management from the data storage enables a rapid and lightweight process execution.
    Our Flowciety-Connectors integrate seamlessly with existing computer infrastructure, alleviating the need for manual data transfer. They provide every participant at all times with the data that is needed in the next step of the process. Every user can view, configure and execute upcoming tasks in our easy-to-use frontend. 

  • What is a blockchain?

    Blockchain can be understood as a distributed ledger — a ledger that is not kept on a single computer but rather distributed over several systems. 
    A key feature of blockchain is the validation of transactions though several, independent participants. In turn, improper transactions can be detected and inhibited.
    On a blockchain, all records and journals are persisted in a tamper-proof way, guarded by cryptographic principles. Every action can be retraced and audited later on.
    A blockchain is useful especially when several, independent participants what to manage their processes in secure, rapid and economic manner. 

  • Why does Flowciety use a private blockchain?

    It is possible to distinguish between public and private blockchains.
    A public blockchain is accessible for all. Everyone can participate and set-up and participate in processes on the blockchain. In exchange for the public accessibility, using the blockchain typically comes at a cost in the form of transaction fees, which are paid to the entity who operate the network.
    In a private blockchain, a system of permissions regulates who can participate. Participants are required to identify themselves before joining. Since all participants jointly operate the platform, the functionality of the network can be provided at no additional cost.
    Flowciety makes use of private blockchains, giving you the power to choose with whom to automate processes, who may access your data and  what rules should govern your process automation.

  • What is the difference between Flowciety and other workflow engines?

    Existing workflow engines automate company-internal processes. With only one company and one IT department, connecting the participating systems and departments is relatively simple. Flowciety's basic structure covers exactly this use case. 
    Yet, most companies do not just interact within themselves, they interact with partners and suppliers.
    It is those connection points where flowciety enables automated, secure and auditable collaboration — without tedious migrations of data and computer systems, and while preserving each participant's independence. 

  • Do I need to convince my partners to also use Flowciety?

    With Fflowciety we want to facilitate your work. Hence, it is not required to convince your partners about us.
    Our basic license can already yield an up to 80% increase in efficiency, better data quality and a clear view on the progress of your processes.
    Nevertheless, we offer a possibility for a one-sided integration of your partners. Our associate license offers additional advantages, e.g. compliant communication, auditable process tracing and rapid turnaround times in joint processes.
    Should your partner be intrigued by your gains in productivity, the full license allows him to connect and benefit like you already do. Both of you can now enjoy our full feature set.

  • How do I know whether I can benefit from using Flowciety?

    You collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers? You exchange data that is required by all participants? Data security is of the highest priority?
    Wherever you operate internal and external processes and transactions, flowciety supports you with automation. You save valuable resources and minimize risk.
    Our example workflows suggest three possible use cases. Certainly, there are more opportunities than those – so we invite you to contact us and we are happy to examine the most suitable use case for you! 

  • How exactly does this "easy integration" look like?

    Once you decide to employ Flowciety, we will jointly lay out a plan to implement your processes step-by-step. 
    First, we design a template for your processes in our frontend.
    Second, we deploy a connector that integrates with your computer systems and setup the relevant data transformations for your process.
    In parallel, we register your user, as well as roles and permissions on our authoritative blockchain.
    Now, everything is ready and you can start running your processes. In total, from the decision to the deployment we expect about 4 weeks.
    Flowciety is already equipped with a broad range of default connectors. Should your system not yet be supported, we offer to develop a suitable connector for you.

  • Where will flowciety be running — in the cloud or on-premise?

    It is desirable for you to stay independent of our infrastructure, especially when sensitive data are involved. Hence you can operate Flowciety on your own hardware, i. e. on-premise. 
    However, in order to allow even easier integration and faster onboarding, we are currently working on a cloud-based offer of Flowciety. 

  • What are connectors?

    Our Flowciety connectors serve two important purposes:
    They connect your systems to Flowciety. They also translate between the data formats used by you and your partners.

  • May I get access to a demo version in order to test the application?

    Your satisfaction matters to us! We do not yet have a demo version, but we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have in a personal call. 

  • How much is Flowciety?

    We offer Flowciety in different pricing tiers in order to suit your needs at all times. 
    In a personal call, together we will gladly introduce you to the different plans and their features.

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