Benefits for You

Many companies are relying on similar processes and facing comparable challenges: Rapid and secure exchange of information with your partners saves cost and minimizes risk.

Sounds familiar?
  • Does your company face perpetually repeated processes with your partners and suppliers?

    Flowciety automates cross-company processes and connects businesses. Workflows with other companies are executed in a reliable and timely manner.

  • Do you exchange sensitive information?

    In Flowciety, every participant decides with whom to share data. Place data with its owner or distribute it as you like. Storage is encrypted and only permitted actors can request, decrypt and edit data.

  • Are several systems or platforms involved in your processes?

    Flowciety connects with existing systems at each participant of the workflow. Hence, your computing systems stay independent and in your hands. Our innovative architecture allows for speedy workflow execution on our distributed platform. A variety of interfaces integrates well with your existing tools. Keep using your established tools and methods with no need for tedious migration.

  • Complicated workflows or manual overhead impairs your productivity and efficiency?

    Automated coordination of existing software systems allows for quick and efficient execution of workflows. You save costs and shorten cycle times. The distributed architecture scales well for many participants and processes. Expensive upgrades to your infrastructure are a thing of the past.

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