Technical Architecture

Flowciety’s federated blockchain-based system is tamper-proof and enables the necessary trust among the participants. Workflow management, data storage and business logic are clearly separated. This boosts the benefits of traditional workflow automation to the cross-company level.

Flowciety's architecture clearly distinguishes the workflow management, data retention and business logic.


A blockchain is a continuously extendable list of records (blocks), which are tied to one another by cryptographic means. Every block contains the checksum (“hash”) of the previous block, a timestamp and the actual data record. Building on the previous block confirms it and ensures knowledge about all earlier transactions.

  • Distributed

  • Tracability

  • Auditability


The storage component takes care of your data using state-of-the-art encryption. Data can be distributed to other, trusted nodes if necessary, in order to reduce access latencies.

  • Retain control of your data

  • Redundant storage

  • Availability


Our connectors integrate well with your existing computer infrastructure.

  • Low barrier of entry

  • Keep well-established processes and flows

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