Decentralized, high-performing, flexible.

Glu:on is the network for all companies which regularly exchange important data with their partners. The Glu:on Collaboration Engine provides you with a secure, auditable channel for automating collaboration with your partners.

Which business processes can be mapped with Glu:on?

In general, Glu:on can automate any process that involves structured data. The reliable flow of data is critical to success in a variety of processes.
Glu:on is therefore built to support all relevant processes regardless of content.

Some example processes that can be connected and automated via Glu:on:

  • Procurement with purchase orders and invoices
  • Maintenance histories of equipment
  • Regulation of insurance claims
  • Date and status reconciliation
  • And your business processes

Why Glu:on?

Glu:on follows an inclusive strategy and connects all blocks into a common workflow. For maximum flexibility apps can be implemented and optimized specifically for you.


More time for the important things:
Automate processes and reduce manual work.

nahtlose Zusammenarbeit

Tamper-proof and auditable:
Blockchain-based communication protocol.


Integrated, but independent:
Connects to any interface – yours and your partners’.


Confidential and secure:
Separation of blockchain and encrypted data.

B2B Software

As flexible as you:
Operate in the cloud or on-premises.

Keine Kryptowährung

Reliable and plannable:
Built for business processes,
without cryptocurrency.

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In particle physics, gluons are elementary particles responsible for attracting protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus.

Like particles at the subatomic level, Glu:on helps companies build a strong bond with their partners.