flowciety is the software for automating cross-company workflows.
Learn how your company can benefit from using flowciety.


flowciety automates workflows across company boundaries and connects your company with your business partners.


Business transactions with partner companies are processed quickly and reliably. Our unique blockchain-architecture closes the gap with your partners.


flowciety integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure and established processes, avoiding expensive migrations.


The off-chain implementation allows for rapid processing of transactions. It unifies a distributed setup with speedy execution, powered by modern and light-weight consensus algorithm.

Data Security

Our distributed blockchain system provides tamper-proof bookkeeping and enables the necessary trust among the participants.


Data is stored in an encrypted fashion. Only authorized participants may request, decrypt and edit data.

Data Ownership

Every participant to a process decides which data can be shared with partners. Data can be distributed redundantly, or only stored with the owner, if desired.

High Availability

The distributed, redundant storage minimizes downtime and allows for rapid access to data.


Exchanging information in a safe and quick manner with your business partners saves money and minimizes risk.

Cost Savings

Automated coordination of exisiting IT allows for rapid and efficient execution of business workflows. Lead times and cost are kept to a minimum.


The distributed architecture scales to large numbers of workflows with numerous participants. There is no need for expensive infrastructure expansions.


Participating systems are not connected directly, and stay independent. Your IT remains in your hands.

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