Securely automate processes with your business partners.

Decentralized, high-performance, flexible.

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The modern world operates in a network and creates value together. Value chains integrate dozens or hundreds of specialists from all over the world.

As the last few years have impressively shown, global supply chains hold serious risks for reliable operations. But they offer at least as much potential.

How is sensitive data exchanged with partners?

Who owns the data and how is data protection enforced?

How is the process paid and billed?


More time for the important things:
Automate processes and reduce manual work.

nahtlose Zusammenarbeit

Tamper-proof and auditable:
Blockchain-based communication protocol.


Integrated, but independent:
Connect to any interface – yours and your partners’.


Confidential and secure:
Separation of blockchain and encrypted data.

B2B Software

As flexible as you:
Operate in the cloud or on-premises.

Keine Kryptowährung

Reliable and plannable:
Built for business processes,
without cryptocurrency.

Step 1

Together with you, we will develop solutions for formerly inefficient processes.

Step 2

The optimized solutions are implemented on Glu:on.

Step 3

You and your partners enjoy more efficient processes in cooperation.
Of course, you will continue to be supported by the Flowciety team during operation and can rely on us.


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In particle physics, gluons are elementary particles responsible for attracting protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus.

Like particles at the subatomic level, Glu:on helps companies build a strong bond with their partners.